Monday Night Results:October 12th,2020
Monday Night Results:October 12th,2020   October 13th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   RAW

Miz and Morrison were out next and made fun of the New Day who were split up recently and Heavy Machinery, who also had a painful break up. They called out their guests, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

Miz tried to rile up Dana against Mandy before mentioning that they will face each other in the Battle Royal later. They were okay with facing each other before Lana and Natalya interrupted them.

They two teams took verbal shots at each other before a brawl broke out and Lana and the B.O.A.T were sent outside the ring.

Dana and Natalya started the match off and Mandy was tagged in early who took control of the match after Dana failed to do so. Mandy and Dana hit a double team and kept Lana from getting the tag but Dana was dropped hard by the B.O.A.T.

Lana tagged in and she and Dana yelled a lot before Mandy was back in to hit a knee strike and then another double team senton, letting Dana pick up the easy win on RAW.

Tamina and Jax stared each other down and Nia ended up eliminating Tamina. Kay was trying to eliminate Jax as well but Billie ended up being thrown outside. Asuka was on commentary rooting for Dana and Mandy but they were both eliminated on RAW.

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 Monday Night RAW:Results:October 5th,2020
Monday Night RAW:Results:October 5th,2020   October 7th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   RAW

Raw Women’s champion Asuka and flagship newcomers Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke battled Natalya, Lana and Zelina Vega in a huge Six-Woman Tag Team match to kick off the evening’s in-ring action

The babyface team controlled early until Vega pulled Asuka from the ring apron, providing a distraction that allowed the heels to take down Rose and turn the tide in their favor. After wearing The Golden Goddess down with a submission, Vega took another cheap shot at Asuka, just in case you didn’t know they really, really don’t like each other.

As the action broke down, Rose managed to tag herself into the match and blast Lana with a jumping knee for the pinfall victory.

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 Monday Night RAW:Results:September 28th,2020
Monday Night RAW:Results:September 28th,2020   October 7th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   RAW Uncategorized

Natalya and Lana demanded the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships with Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax failing to defend the titles at WWE Clash of Champions. Adam Pearce told the two the titles would not be vacated, but the team could earn a future shot by facing the newest members of Raw.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke made quick work of the heels. After Brooke took Natalya out of the equation, God’s Greatest Creation hit the bicycle knee for the win on Lana.

Backstage, Rose warned the WWE women’s tag team champions that she and Brooke were after the gold.

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 SummerSlam Results:August 23rd,2020
SummerSlam Results:August 23rd,2020   August 25th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   PPV

The single best feud in all of WWE in 2020 culminated Sunday night in a No Disqualification, Loser Leaves WWE match as former teammates and friends Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville waged an emotional and physical war.

Rose struck first, delivered a spine-crushing suplex on the entrance ramp. She drove Deville into the guardrail and followed with a flying clothesline off the announce table. The Golden Goddess set a table up at ringside but her rival blasted her with a chair to the midsection and seized control of the bout.

Rose fired off some hard rights but Deville applied a dragon sleeper, complete with a leg scissors as she sought a submission win. Rose fought through it, then countered a triangle into a roll-up for two.

Rose answered trash talking with a renewed ferocity, hammering away at Deville and setting her up on the table. The Pride Fighter rolled off, though, and narrowly dodged a steel chair to the face. She followed with a pump kick to the face, laying The Golden Goddess out on the floor.

Rose delivered the running knee and followed with a second…and a third. The double underhook facebuster and a fourth knee to the face earned Rose the hard-fought victory.

Disbelief set in as Deville threw a tantrum at ringside, slamming her own head into the commentary table. Meanwhile, Otis hit the ring and celebrated with his on-screen love interest.


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 SmackDown Results:August 21st,2020
SmackDown Results:August 21st,2020   August 22nd, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

Mandy Rose asked Sonya Deville to put this whole feud behind them and get back to standing together as friends. Deville refused to answer backstage and slapped Dana Brooke for showing sympathy for the former MMA fighter after recent events.

After arriving on the stage, Deville laughed at the idea that God’s Greatest Creation wanted to escape the fight right before it happened. She promised that the loser’s career would end at SummerSlam, turning their match into a No Disqualification Loser Leaves WWE match.

Screen Captures

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 SmackDown Results:August 14th,2020
SmackDown Results:August 14th,2020   August 15th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

Mandy Rose appears backstage dressed in camo to address Sonya Deville.

She says part of what Sonya said about her is true but people have been saying she’s just a pretty face her entire life, and to be honest it hurts. She talks about her trials and tribulations to get where she is and says Sonya should know how hard she works, but it turns out she’s just a reminder to herself, and she thanks Deville for reminder her that she’s more than a pretty face.

So she’s challenging Sonya to a hair vs. hair match at SummerSlam!

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 SmackDown Results:August 7th,2020
SmackDown Results:August 7th,2020   August 8th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

The Dirt Sheet was back on SmackDown with Miz and Morrison and the Guest was Sonya Deville. The mics kept cutting out just like on RAW before they introduced Mandy’s Hair as a special guest! It was a wig-puppet with googly eyes and Miz & Morrison were voicing it.

They finally called Deville out and she was trashing on Mandy, saying that she was pathetic and Miz reminded us that no one has heard from Rose since the attack. They kept making fun of Mandy and Otis before Heavy Machinery came out and attacked Miz & Morrison.

Miz sent Tucker into the barricades and Otis into the steel steps when Mandy Rose came out to attack Sonya Deville.

The match was called off and the two teams tried to separate them. We headed for another break on SmackDown as Otis and Tucker managed to take Mandy out of the ring and away from Deville.

The two groups were still quarreling backstage when we returned to SmackDown and the lights went out before the Retribution took over the ring, carrying baseball bats and attacked everyone in sight, including the NXT Superstars in the audience.

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 SmackDown Results:July 31st,2020
SmackDown Results:July 31st,2020   August 2nd, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

Otis and Mandy Rose were talking about going on a date before Sonya Deville sneaked in from behind but they had already left.

Back on SmackDown after a break, Mandy Rose was getting ready for her date but Sonya attacked her and messed her makeup off before chopping off part of her hair. She then picked up some clippers before officials stepped in and sent her off.

Miz and Morrison came in to add fuel to the fire and make things worse by making jokes about Mandy before Tucker chased them off.

Screen Captures

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 SmackDown Results:June 19th,2020
SmackDown Results:June 19th,2020   June 20th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

John Morrison claimed that they only lost their universal championship match to Braun Strowman — when Miz broke a Morrison pin on Strowman — because WWE changed the rules at the last minute, making it so only one of them could win the universal title rather than become co-champions. The duo cited that no other sport changes the rules at the last minute, and they also had to worry about Otis cashing in the Money in the Bank contract at any point. Moments after Rose was in the chair for her interview, Miz and Morrison invited Sonya Deville to the ring. Deville said she was sick of watching Rose get on TV night after night while she has to sit in the back in catering. Deville said Rose does nothing with her opportunities — not winning matches and just making out with Otis by a pool. Rose said that Deville is just mad because she’s all alone, which prompted Deville to say the only difference between them is Rose’s looks which lead to her receiving unfair opportunities. Deville said she was going to rip Rose apart until her outside is as ugly as she is inside. The two then broke down into a brawl before Deville pulled Miz in front of her and ran. Miz smiled at her and Rose slapped him before leaving. Deville has developed into one of the most consistent promos on the entire roster and was great here again.

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 SmackDown Results:June 5th,2020
SmackDown Results:June 5th,2020   June 6th, 2020    Posted by: Izzy  /   SmackDown

An irate Corbin charged at Otis to get the match going, taking the fight to Mr. Money in the Bank and the action over with a ringside assault. Mid-match, after Otis had begun his comeback, Corbin went to ringside and grabbed the crown Otis had stolen earlier backstage. He then grabbed a steel chair and used it on Otis, drawing the disqualification. The move didn’t get Corbin off the hook, however, as Otis laid him out in the ring and hit the Caterpillar before celebrating in the ring with Rose. Keeping Otis on TV is important given his status as the briefcase holder, but WWE could have just given him the clean win here since Corbin ended up on the losing end of everything anyway

Mandy Rose appeared on the ‘Tron to provide a distraction, causing Deville to turn into a Woman’s Right from Evans for the pin. Evans and Deville have very good in-ring chemistry as a pair of bruisers, but the cheap ending felt like it derailed everything they’d been building in this match.

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