Who is Mandy Rose

Real Name: Amanda Saccomanno
Ring Name: Mandy Rose
Debut:November 20,2017
Born:Westchester County, New York
Birthday:July 18, 1991
Mini Bio: Amanda Saccomanno is an American professional wrestler, television personality and former fitness and figure competitor currently signed to WWE under the ring name Mandy Rose, performing on the Raw brand

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Smackdown Live Results:January 29th,2019
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Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville declared themselves as one of the six teams in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match during the January 29 episode of SmackDown Live.

“God’s Greatest Creation” also revealed the real reason why she has been attempting to destroy Naomi’s marriage to Jimmy Uso on SmackDown Live in recent weeks.

She played footage of her time as a Tough Enough contestant from 2015 which featured a moment where Rose and her fellow rookies were being warned by Naomi, as well as the rest of Team B.A.D. (Tamina and Sasha Banks), about how difficult being a WWE Superstar can be.

With Rose lying on the ring surface, Naomi repeatedly shouted “Splash her!” and watched on as Tamina climbed to the top rope and hit her finishing move on her.

Rose claimed she cried so much over the incident that her boyfriend dumped her, adding: “Naomi ruined my relationship, so I went after hers.”

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Royal Rumble Results:January 27th,2019
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Evans matched The Queen of Harts move-for-move early before “God’s Greatest Creation” Mandy Rose entered the fray at No. 3. Nattie outclassed her opposition before trapping them in a double Sharpshooter in a crowd-pleasing spot. . Corey Graves’ love of Rose became evident as Moon attempted to eliminate her.

Naomi arrived at No. 16 and immediately set her sights on Mandy Rose. A brief exchange on the apron led to Rose’s departure. Mandy Rose eliminated. Moments later, Rose attempted to eliminate Naomi, who staved off the attack and used her raw athleticism to get back to the squared circle…only for Rose to knock her to the floor. 

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SmackDown Live Results:January 22nd,2019
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Naomi attacks Rose during her entrance and drags her to the ring. The bell rings and Naomi throws her out of the ring. Sonya Deville tries to help her up as we head to a break.

We return from the break to see Naomi kick Rose in the head. Mandy comes back with a clothesline for a two count. Naomi hits a hurricanrana before accidentally sending Rose into the ref and allowing Deville to grab her foot. Rose shoves Naomi into the ring post and covers her for the pin and the win. Mandy and Sonya quickly leave while Naomi recovers in the ring.

Screen Captures


SmackDown Results:January 15th,2019
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The Usos were shown backstage and Jimmy Uso received a gift from Mandy Rose with a hotel room key.

Mandy Rose was shown backstage, where she told Sonya Deville she wanted to make Naomi’s life miserable and break up her marriage with Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy Uso went to Mandy Rose’s hotel room, where a photographer came running out and took pictures of them in the room together. Jimmy left the room and Naomi showed up. The two brawled around the room before Mandy tossed her over a chair and left.

Screen Captures

SmackDown Live Results:January 8th,2019
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Enter Mandy Rose, wearing a towel and fluffy slippers. She asks Jimmy for help, asking if she left her tiny gold shorts and top in his hotel room.
Backstage, Rose is walking with Sonya Deville and takes her towel off, revealing the gold top and shorts she mentioned. Naomi attacks, they beat her down until Jimmy makes the save!

Screen Captures


SmackDown Live Results:January 1st,2019
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Mandy reveals she is wearing an Usos shirt under her regular shirt. It turns out Sonya is actually the opponent after some shenanigans. Naomi beats Sonya down until Rose provides a distraction. Deville hits a sliding knee for a two count. Rose shows a photo she claims she sent to Jimmy earlier to distract Naomi. Deville hits her finisher to score the win thanks to the distraction.

Screen Captures


Smackdown Live Results:Decemeber 18th,2018
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Mandy Rose is revealed to be The Miz’s partner to face Fabulous Truth. Mandy and Mella exchange a few kicks before Miz and Truth come in. Truth gets the upper hand and clotheslines him out of the ring so he and Carmella can have a dance break. Mella hits Mandy with a superkick, but Miz is able to sneak in and hit his finisher on Truth for the win.

Screen Captures


Smackdown live Results:December 4th,2018
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Paige tries to restore order but Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville make their entrance and question her methods to make history with these two undeserving women instead of the two women she personally groomed for stardom. Mandy points out that Charlotte lost at Survivor Series and Sonya points out that Asuka only won the battle royal by a fluke after she made one tiny mistake.
They want to see fire and desire, they’re looking right at it, and what happens if Charlotte and Asuka don’t make it to TLC? Paige tells them they’re past idle threats and books a tag match between them… right now!
Asuka and Deville to start, circling, Sonya with a front chancery, reversed to a waistlock, standing switch, reversed to a wristlock. Deville reverses, Asuka breaks free, grabs the wristlock again, whip reversed, shoulder block, fired up and the Empress catches an arm but finds herself reversed into a side headlock! Out to her feet, roundhouse ducked but Asuka grabs the Fujiwara armbar!

Shifting to a kneeling armbar and then wristlock stomps to the shoulder, arm wringer blocked with a knee and Rose tags in. Double whip into a double boot, series of kicks and a double mat slam for two! Asuka to her feet, palm strikes, Mandy catches the hip toss knee and lands a hard forearm! Asuka with a dropkick for two, tuning up the, er, band for the hip attack before tagging Flair in.

Snapmare and a knee to the back, to the corner, scoop, Rose floats over and puts the Queen into the turnbuckles! Drawing her up, Charlotte recovers, exploder suplex, boot for Sonya and a suplex for her as well when she runs in! Both women on the floor and Flair takes flight with a plancha! Quick strut on the floor and Becky Lynch comes down the ramp as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Asuka fires off a leg kick but Rose counters into a tilt-a-whirl slam for two! Smashing her face into the mat, tag to Deville and they put boots to her together. Sonya with knees, a snapmare, off the ropes with a sliding knee for two! Mandy tags back in, huge knee… NOPE! Back to the corner with kicks, tag to Deville, body blow and a choke in the corner, quick tag right back.

Rose with rights, Asuka fighting back with body blows, off the ropes into a clothesline and Mandy draws her up into a wheelbarrow that the Empress of Tomorrow counters into a bulldog… tag to Flair! In hot with forearms, chops, backing a legal Sonya into the ropes. Whip across, back suplex connects, the Queen kips up and follows it up with a spear! Knee lift and a dump to the apron for an interfering Mandy Rose!

She pulls Asuka off the apron, right hand for Flair, Asuka with the save but Charlotte boots her off the apron! Sonya with an O’Connor roll, Flair reverses and Asuka blasts her with a kick…

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville win by pinfall with a folding press from Deville on Charlotte Flair.
Screen Captures

SmackDown Live Results:November 26th,2018
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Zelina Vega, The IIconics, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville appeared and claimed they all could have beaten Rousey down, too. Naomi, Asuka, Carmella and Lana interjected themselves, echoing the same sentiments.
Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega, Asuka, Naomi, Lana and Carmella

The product of the night’s opening segment, the Battle Royale to determine which woman would join Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at TLC on December 16 headlined Tuesday’s show.

Vega was eliminated first and turned her frustration on Lana, attacking her at ringside. The IIconics sent the Ravishing Russian packing next.

Asuka sent Kay and Royce to the floor while Rose and Deville teamed up.

Carmella leveled Asuka with a big kick at one point but The Empress of Tomorrow eliminated the former SmackDown women’s champion.

The final four competitors were Asuka, Deville, Rose and Naomi.

Naomi eliminated Rose and Deville returned the favor, bringing the match down to Deville and Asuka.

The Superstars brought their fight to the ring apron, each teasing elimination until The Empress of Tomorrow obliterated Deville with a knee to the face, knocking her to the floor and securing the victory.
Screen Captures

SmackDown Live Results:November 20th,2018
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Mandy and Naomi start with a lockup. Naomi hits a hurricanrana to Rose and a dropkick to Deville before she and Asuka hit running hip strikes at the same time to send us into a commercial.
We return to see Rose getting a two count on Naomi before tagging in Sonya to continue the beat down. The MMA fighter takes an enziguiri to the head. The Empress of Tomorrow gets the tag and comes in hot with kicks for both opponents. Asuka hits Rose with a German suplex and a shining wizard for two. Deville and Rose almost have a collision, but the distraction allows Asuka and Naomi to get the win.
Screen Captures