Home > WWE > Digitals > World tours > 2019 > SmackDown Superstars kick off the WWE Live European Tour in the United Kingdom and Ireland
005_Brighton_11072019at_0921--530d722fe8730d3a8d5cc222e336a4a9.jpg 003_Brighton_11072019at_0639--c3e7d967a8ebaa62af85beffd62bb6fc.jpg 036_MINEHEAD_11092019ej_01181--f088385ff790e518f5671bce8355c10d.jpg Fire___Desire_caught_off_guard_in_tonights_match_SmackDown_Exclusive2C_Nov__12C_2019_mp40035.jpg Fire___Desire_caught_off_guard_in_tonights_match_SmackDown_Exclusive2C_Nov__12C_2019_mp40034.jpg
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