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Real Name: Amanda Rose Saccomanno
Ring Name: Mandy Rose
Debut:August 25, 2015
Born:Westchester County, New York
Birthday:July 18,1990
Mini Bio: Amanda Rose Saccomanno is an American professional wrestler, television personality and former fitness and figure competitor currently signed to WWE under the ring name Mandy Rose, performing on the RAW Brand

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Where?: NXT
Time: 8PM ET
Channel: USA Network



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Monday Night Raw Results:December 21st,2020
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Raw opened with Charlotte coming out to give her first promo since returning Sunday night to help Asuka win the Women’s Tag Team Championships from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. She talked about being in the Thunderdome for the first time and walking in as champion. She said all a friend has to do is ask for her help and that is what Asuka did. She introduces The Empress of Tomorrow as her friend and partner.

Asuka bragged about being a double champion. Charlotte seemed like she was about to ask for a Raw women’s title shot before Jax and Baszler interrupted them. After some trash-talking, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out. They said they want a women’s tag title shot but Charlotte suggests the two teams face each other while she and Asuka watch. Apparently, The Queen has booking power because a ref showed up.

The match got going after the break. Rose and Baszler started for their teams. Surprisingly, Rose took down the MMA fighter a few times and cornered her for some shoulder thrusts. Brooke and Rose were brought in and the former bodybuilder took down The Irresistible Force with a headscissor takeover. Brooke and Rose took down both women with a double crossbody from the apron.

After another commercial break, Brooke hit Jax with a series of forearms. Baszler tagged in and took her down with a shot to the body. She worked over Brooke’s leg. The Golden Goddess hit a few strikes and a suplex as she made a comeback. Brooke tagged in and hit a roundoff splash for a two-count. The match ended when Baszler got the submission win over Brooke.


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