Royal Rumble Results:January 27th,2019
  January 28th, 2019    Posted by: Izzy  /   PPV

Evans matched The Queen of Harts move-for-move early before “God’s Greatest Creation” Mandy Rose entered the fray at No. 3. Nattie outclassed her opposition before trapping them in a double Sharpshooter in a crowd-pleasing spot. . Corey Graves’ love of Rose became evident as Moon attempted to eliminate her.

Naomi arrived at No. 16 and immediately set her sights on Mandy Rose. A brief exchange on the apron led to Rose’s departure. Mandy Rose eliminated. Moments later, Rose attempted to eliminate Naomi, who staved off the attack and used her raw athleticism to get back to the squared circle…only for Rose to knock her to the floor. 

Screen Captures


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